I’m Back!

14 06 2009

Wow! I just realized that I haven’t updated this in such a long time. A lot has happened since April, such as table tennis-related stuff, the end the school year, and much more. Well, school is over for now. This year went by so fast. In my opinion, it still feels like I need to go to school still. This summer is going to be hectic! Let’s see, I’m attending SAT-Prep & SAT Intensive classes at IvyMax. I’ve also signed up for the vocabulary and counseling program there to help me out with college applications later on. The vocabulary program includes 7000 words to be learned within a year. I am currently behind on that due to busy last weeks of school (Studying for Finals, Projects, etc.). I’m also attending a volunteering camp next week to finish my community service hours for high school. I will be going to the 2009 U.S. Open at Las Vegas, with a prep camp the week before. It’s going to really hot. Recently, I’ve realized that I have confidence issues in table tennis, let alone everyday life itself. I get upset with myself a lot because I feel like I’m behind everyone else. I know it’s because I’m sensitive, but sometimes I can’t help it. I need to tell myself that I am able to do something well.

Last week I got sent to the counseling office because my English teacher thought I was suicidal. It was because of the poems I wrote for the last project of the year. A couple of the poems were really depressing and dark. I understand how someone might get a premonition that I have problems, but I find it just to be silly. The last day of school was fun. The bus didn’t come so Suchi, Suhau, Phillip, and I walked home, which took about thirty minutes. We stopped by 7-Eleven and Phillip picked up something to drink while I got a Snickers. When we arrived at Hart, Suchi and Suhau’s dad saw us and picked us up. I spent some time over at their house playing some Halo 2. I’m so bad at console shooters; I prefer PC shooters. Afterwards, I went to the Park with them and played basketball.

I picked up a DS Lite and got Pokemon Platinum. Yes, I know it’s strange to see a high schooler playing Pokemon, but I just got back into it for no apparent reason. So that’s what I’ve mostly been playing with the occasional Rock Band 2.




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