“Teacher’s Pet”

22 03 2009

Recently I’ve been frustrated with the reason why teachers, coaches, and others have their so-called favorites. Why can’t they just treat everyone in a nice, general manner? They always fall for such silly acts like sucking up. They may not think that others see this “favoritism”, but for some strange reason, I do. I think I might be the only one that gets really bothered by it, which I shouldn’t be. During  activities, I can always seem to notice it and then I start thinking out it, which leads to me getting off-task. I ask myself this. What the quailities that they have and I don’t, which gets people to like them a lot more? I try to brainstorm reasons, but cannot come up with a strong reason that makes me understand why someone likes someone else so much. I conclude this “problem” with this. There are many different factors contributing to the reasons of having favorites.

They include:

  • Race
  • Gender
  • Work Ethics
  • Age (yea believe it or not)
  • Potential

There are many more, but here are some that I’ve seen/encountered with personally.




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