New “Home”

18 03 2009

I have just switched from Blogger to WordPress. This will be my new blog about random things about my life. I do not really regret leaving my old blog because some of my posts were immature and juvenile.

Today I took the first part of the California High School Exit Examination (CAHSEE). This part was about English-Language Arts. There were three parts:

  • Reading Comprehension
  • Essay Writing
  • Vocabulary/Grammar

In my opinion, the hardest part was the essay because of the prompt. I couldn’t really connect to it and come up with brilliant ideas. I am pretty sure that the essay also took the longest out of the three sections. Some of the reading comprehension questions were a little hard because sometimes there were two choices that seemed to work. However, some questions were downright easy. Tomorrow I will take the second part of the CAHSEE, which will be about Mathematics. I will have to go to school earlier in order to get a good seat. Wish me luck, for this exam determines a student’s future & reputation among his/her class. I am sure that no one wants to be known as “the kid who failed the CAHSEE.” I also stayed longer after I finished because I didn’t want to go to third period. Tomorrow I am not going to intentionally stay longer because I actually have classwork to do, and I don’t want to fall behind on it. Although I am going to miss class, this week is going to be pretty calm. I only have homework in Chemistry, Algebra 2, and Spanish III. My mother keeps on nagging me to sleep early, because she thinks that the CAHSEE is an important and challenging exam. I only agree with her on one thing; The CAHSEE is important.




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