Bye Yuta.

18 03 2009

Today I took the final part of the California High School Exit Examination (CAHSEE), which was about Mathematics. It was so easy. There were also some funny moments when people started coughing like crazy, knock down tables, and clap randomly for people who finished their exam. I enjoy “testing days” because you pretty much get to skip a couple periods of class. For example, for the past two days I have missed Art, English, and History. In my opinion, those classes are extremely boring so I’m fine with missing a few days. Anyways, my English and History teacher said we won’t be doing much during these two days. However, I’m afraid I will be behind in Art because I am one of the only Sophomores in the class and we are doing this leaf project with watercolors. I have three quizzes tomorrow; History, Spanish, and Chemistry. I am not worried about Spanish, however History and Chemistry might be a little tough. I am looking forward to playing badminton in P.E. tomorrow. Today’s so-called “Mile” was boring and pointless. The teachers said to “run the straights, and walk the curves”, but everyone just walked everything and the teachers didn’t even say anything about it.

One of my good friends, Yuta Haguro, is leaving for Japan tomorrow. I was not expecting this, although I found out the news way before many people. He is one of my best friends and a great training partner for Table Tennis. We experienced a lot together and had many happy times. I first met Yuta at a Table Tennis Summer Camp at The Top-Spin. It was my first time there, and Stefan told him to warm up with me. We practiced and got to know each other a tiny bit that summer. I didn’t see him again until I left Concord Table Tennis Club and went to Palo Alto Table Tennis Club. I merely waved to him and said “Hi”. The next summer, I also attended the Summer Camp except this year I would go there for many weeks. I eventually got to know him very well and we became good friends. I started to stay later and come earlier before & after training to “hang out” with him (and others). After each weekend, we would get to know each other more and more. I could say that the “best time” we spent together was at the U.S. Nationals in Las Vegas of December 2008. It was great, but I will NOT forget about the countless memories at Palo Alto. I am very sad to see him go back to Japan, but am happy for him at the same time. I hope he has a great time there and improves in Table Tennis. I just hope he doesn’t forget about other friends and I. Good luck and have fun, Yuta. I will miss you.




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